Batukaru Temple – A Shrine on the Slope of Mount Batukaru

Batukaru Temple is one of thebatukaru1 Sad Khayangan (six directional temples) in Bali, it is believed that the temple protects the island and inhabitants from evil spirits. Batukaru Temple is located on the foot of Batukaru Mountain, Wangaya Gede countryside, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency. This temple is one of the biggest Hindu Temples in Bali, it was built in the 11th century  and protects bali from the west side.This beautiful temple is set in a plateu, 1.300 meters above sea level surrounded by tropical rainforest with Batukaru Mountain backdrop.

There are several histories a24122010003bout this temple there are also some ancient negligence in this temple. Like other Balinese temples, Batukaru temple also consists of 3 courtyards. Nista Mandala (the outer courtyard), Madya Mandala (the middle courtyard) and the Utama Mandala (main court). In the outer court of the temple, there is a Meeting Hall or called as Wantilan building in Balinese. This multifunctional building is located on the right side of the entrance gate, visitors may sit and relax at this building. In the main court, lies the most important shrine, it is the 7-tiered Meru. The shrine is dedicated to worship the God of Batukaru, Mahadewa.

The temple is visited regupura-batukarularly by the Balinese Hindu, especially on Balinese Holidays such as Galungan and Kuningan day, people from all over the island come and pray at the temple. The water in Batukaru Temple is believed as a holy water, it is used for ceremonies and offered to God and Its manifests to ensure fertility of the land. The Holy Water is also taken home for families or relatives who did not come to the temple at that time. Batukaru temple is appointed as one of the greatest tourist destination in Bali, the temple is visited by many tourists everyday. The cool and fresh atmosphere with a beautiful Balinese Hindu temple accompanied with the Batukaru mountain backdrop makes this temple as an attractive place to visit.

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Puri Lukisan Museum – Discover Interesting Paintings From Time to Time

Puri Lukisan Museumh is a painting museum located in Campuhan Street, Ubud, Gianyar Regency. It is situated in the center of Ubud, just about 5 minutes to the west from Puri Saren (Ubud Palace). The museum is designed with Balinese traditional architecture combined with a neat garden which creates a relaxing atmosphere. Puri Lukis Museum was opened by Mr. Moh.Yamin, the Education and Culture Minister of Inonesia in 1956, it is the oldest art museum in Ubud. The museum building is U-shaped, in the center of the museum, there is a fish pond and beautiful lotus flowers. This museum consists of three different buildings and each building displays different types of paintings.

The first building collects paiHanomanSuryantings from Ubud and the surrounding villages. The paintings include classical Wayang or shadow puppetry paintings, ink drawings by I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, as well as paintings by Pita Maha artists. Classical paintings from the 1930’s are also displayed in the first building. The second building features some colorful examples of the young artist style of paintings and also a good selection of modern traditional combination paintings. And the third building displays classical and traditional paintings, this building is also used for special exhibitions.

All of the collections in Puri Lukang_20131007_ubud_museum-puri-lukisan_ketut-madra-wayang_16isan Museum is labelled and in English, therefore foreign visitors can understand each painting well. Tourist facilities are complete in this museum, a cafe and bookshop is also provided here. This museum is opened daily from 09:00am until 17:00pm. The lush garden and quiet situation far away from the crowd makes this museum an ideal place to visit and see the beautiful paintings from great artists. Puri lukisan museum is worth a visit especially for painting and art lovers.

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Jimbaran Bay Offers the Best Seafood

Jimbaran Bay Beach ResidenceJimbaran Bay is one of the most visited beaches in Bali. It is located just south of Ngurah Rai International Airport, approximately 10 to 15 minutes drive to reach the bay. Jimbaran itself is a small town in South Kuta, well known as a fishing village and daily market. But this small village started to transform into a popular tourist destination since the 1980’s, now Jimbaran is the home of several world class beach resorts and hotels. Jimbaran Bay is a beautiful white sand beach which is said to be one of the best beaches in Bali. It has a pleasant white sand and calm water which is very safe for swimming, both children and adults can enjoy the beach. Stunning sunset view is also offered in the evening, it is one of the most popular place to see the sunset.

Jimbaran bay is also very popjimbaran-bay-dinner-04ular for its seafood restaurants, the best seafood restaurants in Bali is found in this Bay. There are about 50 different seafood restaurants situated along the bay. The bay consists of 3 different sections, Muaya (southern part), Kedonganan (middle part) and Kelan (northern part) all sections are popular especially in the evenings. Many visitors come and have dinner at one of the seafood restaurants where the tables are set up right on the sand. Visitors can enjoy delicious seafood while viewing the beautiful sunset and when it is dark, the whole area is lit by oil torches.

Visitors can also go up to jimbaran-bay-barbecuethe seafood tanks and chose which seafood to eat. All the seafood that are served in the restaurants are fresh. The prices in the restaurants are standard depending on the quantity and type of seafood selected, they are also negotiable. Set menus are also provided in the restaurants for visitors who would like to try different types of seafood combination. The great beach atmosphere and delicious food makes this place as the best place to spend the evening.

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Pulaki Temple – Incredible Hindu Shrine with Monkeys

pulaki_templePulaki Temple is a sacred Balinese Hindu shrine located in the northern part of Bali, Pulaki Village, Seririt Sub district, Singaraja City. It would approximately take 3 hours to reach this temple from Ngurah Rai International Airport.  The temple is situated on a flat land with stone hill as a back drop and the beautiful blue ocean of north Bali is just in front of the temple. There are groups of monkeys that dwell the hill forest which surrounds the temple, the monkeys usually stay and play around the temple in the day time. Besides seeing the temple and the beautiful view offered by the ocean, visitors also get to see the funny behavior of the wild monkeys in this area.

According to the legend, pulakithe Pulaki Temple was built to commemorate the arrival of the Javanese priest Nirartha to Bali in the early 16th centuries. When Nirartha entered the forest of Pulaki, he was welcomed by the monkeys which dwelt the forest. As his respect, he established the Pulaki Temple and the monkeys became its guardian. The black stone of Pulaki Temple was built in 1983, all the shrines and ornaments in this temple is dominated by black color. As a Balinese temple, Pulaki Temple is also divided into 3 courtyards, the outer, middle and inner courtyard. From the middle court, visitors get to see the beautiful Javanese sea with hills on the left and right sides. Climbing up to the main court, lies the main shrine where Balinese Hindu pray and give offerings. In the main court, visitors will see many monkeys hanging out and playing around the shrine waiting for the right time to steal the fruits and cakes from the offering. But all the Balinese people seem to get used to the monkeys and keep performing their prayers with full of concentration.

In the upper part of the temple, tPulaki-Temple-Bali-11here is a narrow path where visitors can go trekking through it. From the path, visitors can see the view of the local corn fields, ocean and hills, the path may get slippery therefore, visitors must be careful when trekking through this path. Pulaki Temple is an interesting tourist attraction where visitors can see lots of interesting view Balinese shrine, nature and the wild monkeys. It would be great to visit this temple when having a vacation in Bali.

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Ubud Botanical Garden – See the Beautiful Garden of Ubud

Ubud Botanical GardenBotanic-Garden-Ubud-Town-Indonesia is another beautiful garden besides Bedugul, although the garden is not as big as Bedugul, it is visited by both domestic and foreign tourists. The garden is located in Tirta Tawar street, Ubud, Gianyar regency. It is about 23 kilometers away from Denpasar City and would approximately take 40 minutes to reach this botanical garden from Denpasar and about 1 hour from Ngurah Rai international Airport. This garden was founded by a German writer Stefen Reisner and Faizah in 2006. The garden lays on a 4 hectare land and offers beautiful green scenery.

In this Botanical garden, visBotanic-Garden-Ubud-Baliitors get to see various types of collections and cultivations, all the plants in this garden is conserved well and displayed neatly and beautifully around the garden.Various types of plants that can be found in this botanical garden include chocolate plantation, orchid garden, herbal plantation, edible fern, palm plantation, Rafflesia and many other tropical plants. Ubud Botanical garden is situated 400 meters above sea level, therefore the atmosphere in this area is cool. The soil here is very fertile hence , plants in this garden grow and breed well. An interesting attraction provided in this garden is the labyrinth where visitors can explore and experience a great recreation with families and friends. It is also good for children, they can play and have fun while learning about the importance of plants and nature through the facilities that are provided in the garden.

Tourist facilities are complete inriverchoco this garden, restaurants, toilets, gazebos and Joglo houses are provided. Visitors can relax and enjoy the natural and peaceful atmosphere presented by the garden. This garden is suitable for tourist from all ages, it is also a great place for relaxation and to refresh minds and weary. It would be a great place to visit together with friends and families.

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Munduk Waterfall – Explore the Nature

Munduk Waterfall is family-bali-tours-Munduk-waterfallanother attractive waterfall located in Munduk Village, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency. It is about 70 kilometers away from Denpasar City and would approximately take 2-3 hours to reach this waterfall. This village surrounded by hills and is situated between 800-900 meters above sea level, therefore the atmosphere here is very cool and fresh, far out of pollution. The path down to the waterfall is densely planted with clove trees, coffee plantation as well as Avocado, Taro,Banana and some Durian trees.

Munduk Waterfall consists of 2 wmunduk-waterfallgaterfalls, Munduk waterfall itself and the other one is called the Melanting Waterfall however, the local people call both of the waterfall as Munduk waterfall (Munduk Waterfall 1 and Munduk Waterfall 2). The first waterfall is situated among the coffee plantation and the height is about 15 meters. The ticket to enter the first waterfall is Rp 3.000 and from the ticket counter, visitors must walk along the path for about 250 meters to reach the waterfall area. The second waterfall is located about 1 kilometer north of the first waterfall. This waterfall is slightly higher than the first waterfall. The ticket fee to the second waterfall in Rp 5.000 for adults and Rp 2.000 for children, visitors must walk about 500 meters to reach the waterfall area. Both waterfalls offer great natural and refreshing view.

Besides seeing the view of waterfalls2waterfalls, visitors can also trek around the waterfall area and may discover small waterfalls. Walking down to another hilly village would also be great, the walk may offer visitors great view of coastal line of the northern Bali. Simple restaurants are also provided near the waterfall area. After having a walk and having fun around the waterfall, having a rest while enjoying meals and drinks in the restaurant would be great. Visitors may hear the splashing water from the waterfall as well as birds chirping which creates calm and peaceful atmosphere.

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Mas Village the Wood Carving Village

Mas Village is a famous villagde located in Ubud District, Gianyar Regency about 20 kilometers north of Denpasar City. It would approximately take 1.5 hours to reach this village from Ngurah Rai International Airport and about 40 minutes from Denpasar City. As it is located in Ubud, which is known worldwide as the center of arts, Mas Village is well known by its wood carvings and wood sculpture. This village can easily be reached due to its position situated in near the Sakah Junction where the big monumental statue of Baby is lied. Mas Village is set among hillsides and rice fields, therefore beautiful panorama of nature is also offered here.

This village is the center of mas-carving-centerwood carvings in Bali, all the carvings that are produced from this village has been recognized nationally and internationally. Mas Villagers are similar to other villagers in the tourist destination villages, they have undergone a transformation from farming society to the craftsmen societies. These days, most of the villagers in Mas village work as craftsmen which produces wood carving souvenirs for both domestic and foreign tourists. This sculpture village is now developing as one of the main destination in Ubud, because craftsmen from this village create amazing artworks which attracts many tourists especially art lovers.

Visiting mas Village would be1385452360398116988h give an interesting experience, visitors get to see directly the process of how the craftsmen create the wood carvings. Visitors also get to see various shapes and figures of wooden carvings in this village. There are also lots of galleries and shops where the excellent woodcarvings are sold, sometimes it is sold in a very high price so bargaining is highly recommended. Fine restaurants and cafes are also provided around the village for visitors who would like to have a rest and enjoy delicious meals.

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Beji Temple – Artistic and Colorful Temple

Beji Temple is a Hin1ldu temple located in Sangsit Village, Buleleng Regency, 8 kilometers east of Singaraja. This temple is known as the Subak Temple by the locals, the meaning of subak is organization for water supply or irrigation. Locals call this temple Subak Temple because the temple is built to dedicate the spirit that looks after the irrigation and rice fields. Balinese Hindu come to this holy temple regularly to pray and worship Dewi Sri, the Goddess of rice field and the symbol of prosperity.

The Beji temple wa4760619172_3d30d9cc6c_zs built in the 15th century, it is one of the most visited temple in Buleleng regency. The temple is famous for its architecture as well as its beautiful relief carvings. Like other Balinese temples, Beji Temple is also divided into three courtyards, the outer courtyard, the middle courtyard and the inner courtyard. The outer courtyard features two dragon statues which is symbolized as the temple guards and the main shrine lies on the inner courtyard. Around the courtyard, neat grasses and beautiful Frangipani trees are planted which gives a refreshing atmosphere.

What makes this temple intepura-beji-sangsitresting and attractive is that every surface of the temple has an artistic carving, mostly in form of rambling plants, flowers and typical style of Buleleng motives. Another unique thing about this temple is that all the carvings are painted therefore the templelooks artistic and colorful. As a sacred place, all visitors must wear sarong and sash when entering the Beji Temple.

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Jalak Bali the Fauna Symbol of Bali

Jalak Bali or also knojalak-pralambang-bali-kembali-terbang-bebaswn as Bali Myna is one of Bali’s icon. It is an endemic species of Myna Bird that is found in Bali. This bird has been designated as the fauna symbol  of Bali since 1991 and proudly, it is featured on the 200 Rupiah Indonesian coin. The population of this bird is spread in the West Bali National Park, Negara Regency and Nusa Penida island. Jalak Bali is now critically endangered due to the illegal catching and forest cutting. Many people cut down trees where they live in the nature and the exact number of Jalak Bali Bird remaining in the wild is unknown.

This bird has an uniquimagese characteristic, the adult Jalak bali come in size about 25 to 28 centimeters. It is covered with white feathers and has a drooping crest. The tip of the wings and tails are black, it’s small bill comes in yellow color and around its round eyes and legs, there are blue bare skin which make this bird look beautiful. Overall the bird looks cute, beautiful and neat in the same time. The female and male bird has similar characteristic, but the male bird is slightly bigger in size and also has longer crest than the female bird.

Besides the attrmario-blanco-memasang-cincin-jalak-baliactive and beautiful look, Jalak Bali also have a sharp chattering especially if they chatter in groups, empathic sound will be produced. Jalak bali usually live in groups and make a living by fruit, seeds and small insects. On the breeding seasons, the male birds attract the females by calling an chattering loudly. The females usually lay and incubate 2 to 3 eggs and both male and female Jalak Bali bring food for their chicks. It is sad that one of Bali’s icon is threatened, naturalists should find a better way to preserve this beautiful and attractive bird.

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Setia Darma House of Masks and Museum Discover the Worlds Puppetry

Setia Darma House of Massetia-darma-gallery1uuuuuks and Pupptets is a museum which collects various types of masks and puppets, not only from the Indonesian archipelago, but also from many countries around Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. The museum is located in Tegal Bingin Village, Sukawati, Ubud, Gianyar Regency. This museum is situated on a 1.4 hectare land surrounded by rice fields and well maintained tropical gardens. Setia Darma Museum is said to be the world’s largest museum which collects masks and puppets. This museum collects more than 1.000 masks and 4.000 puppets from all over the world. Agustinus Prayitno, an artist-curator established this house of masks and puppets in Sukawati as Sukawati is a known and famous with its arts.

The Museum conjjjjjjsists of five traditional Balinese pavilions. Each house displays collections in different categories. The first house contains traditional puppets and contemporary puppets, such as Prayitno’s own self portraiture and Barak Obama. Other specimens in this house include Hindu epics of Mahabrata and Ramayana, Sicilian puppets, Pinocchio puppets as well as the Japanese Bunraku puppets. The second house features the leather shadow puppet or also known as “Wayang Kulit”, one of the Indonesian heritages. In the third house, there are various types of traditional and some sacred masks. The fourth house features contemporary masks and puppets that are collected from the local craftsmen. The last house contains Balinese ancient, sacred and contemporary puppets and masks. Full body costumed Barong and Rangda (characters from the Calonarang legend) is also displayed in this room.

All masks and puppets in tIMG_2163his museum is accompanied by detailed descriptions, visitors can understand well the function of each item. The admission fee to this museum is free, but there is a donation box for visitors who would like to donate for the museum. The Setia Darma Museum is opened daily from 08:00am until 16:00pm. It is a great museum which preserves Indonesia’s heritage, it is an ideal and interesting place to visit for visitors from all ages, especially for culture and art lovers, visiting Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets would give great experience and inspirations.

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