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Bali Island is a small beautiful island situated in the tropical area among the Indonesian archipelagos and featured by the beautiful panoramic view of landscapes, friendly local people with unique cultures on their daily social life, plenty of tourist attractions, international tourist facilities and much more. Bali Island is very famous island in the world where the island is covered by the peaceful atmosphere with traditional nuance of Bali. The island is surrounded by the sea which most of them are very beautiful with panoramic views as well as some of them are featured by the diving, snorkeling, surf and fishing spots. It is real a paradise that you have to come and enjoy your vacation and make it a wonderful one.

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Bali Island

What Should You Know About Bali?

Bali Geographic

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Map of Bali Island

Bali Island is a small island with length of 153 km and width 112 km, so it is only 3,2 km from Java Island. The island is flanked by Java Island and Lombok Island with Denpasar City as a capital. In astronomy, Bali is situated in between 8°25’23 south latitude and 115°14’55 east longitude that make it in tropical area like other island in Indonesia.

Mount Agung is the highest point with 3.148 meters and this volcano was erupted on March 1963. Meanwhile Batur Mount is one of the most active volcano in this island and had erupted 30.000 years ago that destroyed the island. Based on relief or topographic, Bali Island is divided into two part those are north area and south area which is divided by the row of mountains and hills. Both of these are much different where in north area is relatively barren condition meanwhile in the south is fertile.  There are four lake existing in this area includes Beratan, Buyan, Tamblingan and Batur Lake those are all have big functions the irrigation sources through the island.

Demographic / People

bali, balinese, people, cultures

Balinese People

The population in Bali is around 4 million with majority 92,3 people are Hinduism, meanwhile the rest are Buddhist, Christian, Catholic and Muslim. Beside of tourism as a source of life, Balinese people also work as farmers and fishermen. The famous Irrigation System existing in Bali is called by SUBAK which is now as the Word Heritage by UNESCO.

The language are commonly used by the Balinese people is Bahasa Bali (Balinese Languange), a local mother tongue, meanwhile the national language of Bahasa Indonesia is used as the formal communication. The other hand, Bali is an international tourist place also communicating in foreign languages those are most used currently in Bali includes English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Spain, Deutch (Germany) and Dutch.


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Balinese Ceremony

Bali own very unique cultures those are most taken from the history it self with inspired by the Hinduism. The local traditions and custom are very strong among the people to protect from the influence of globalization, so that we can still see these unique cultures includes ceremony, dances, gamelan, social activities and daily social life. Among of those cultures are consisted of many style or type that are always developed according to the development era.

Food or Meals

babi, pig, suckling, pig, bali, balinese, food

Babi Guling / Suckling Pig

Bali is rich of wood or meals that you can try it on your vacation in this island. Most of them are spicy therefore please take a note of it before you eat. There are many famous food you can eat includes Suckling Pig (Babi Guling), Roasted Chicken (Ayam Betutu), Lawar (Mix vegetable), Sate Lilit, Crispy Duck and much more.


It is very important that you must know before visiting the island since all Balinese people are very respectful again to the strong their local cultures. Here below are the list that you can not do during stay in Bali as follows:

  • Never touch other people head (It will be very insulted again the self esteem)
  • Never pointed to other people face with thumb
  • Never put your leg on the table
  • Do not pass when the convoy of ceremony on the road except allowed by the local security (Pecalang)
  • Never use offensive clothing (underwear ) when watching the ceremony event entering a temple
  • Do not enter the Temple when you menstruation for women

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