Bali Adventures – Activities

Bali Adventures are the fantastic activities available in this island of God that you can enjoy on your visit to Bali. There are several and attractive adventure activities that you can join where you can easily find it from land adventures until water adventures those are all designed comfortable, challenges and safety. All tourist adventure activities are included medical insurance to keep your activities comfortably. There are several adventure companies offering attractive activities as well as competitive prices and here we recommend the following famous adventure you can join when your lovely holidays in this paradise island.

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Bali White Water Rafting Adventures

Favorite Adventures in Bali


White Water Rafting is an exciting water adventure to explore the beautiful rivers with pure natures and paddling the rubber boat through 3 rapids level. See more..

bali, rafting, adventures

Bali Rafting


ATV and Buggy Riding are the fantastic adventure to ride special engine four wheel drive vehicle through the rice paddy, jungle, river and moody land. See more..

bali, atv, ride, paddy, sea bali

Bali ATV Riding


Elephant Riding is a fun activity to ride a tamp of Sumatra’s elephant to surround the elephant park accompanied by professional mahout and discover the pure nature surround it. See more…

bali, elephant, sumatra, safari, adventures, riding

Bali Elephant Ride Safari


Horse Riding will bring you to the fantastic experiences to ride a horse passing through back sandy beaches and Balinese village. It will take you into 2 hours experiences and see more..

bali, horse, riding, adventures

Bali Horse Riding


It is the exciting tour by paddling down the mountain bike through the special tract from the top hill of Kintamani. Driving down through the bamboo forest, Balinese village, rice paddy more..

bali, cycling, mountain, adentures, activities

Bali Cycling Adventures


It is the fantastic day cruise to Lembongan and Nusa Penida Island using luxury yacht boat  or join the sunset cruise dinner with attractive activities and live entertainment. See more..

bali, cruises, lembongan, island

Bali Cruises


Marine Sport Activities are served at Tanjung Benoa Beach with fantastic selections water sports includes Jet Ski, Parasailing, Banana Boat Riding, Snorkeling, and more..

bali, water, marine, sports, activities, jet ski

Bali Jet Ski


Take your time to enjoy the exciting fishing trips to catch fishes through coral deep sea fishing or trawling fishing style. Bait and fishing gears are available and see more..

bali, fishing, adventures, trawling, casting, jigging

Bali Fishing


Diving adventure will bring you to the fantastic experience to see the beautiful underwater in Bali. There are several beautiful dive spot that you can experience during your vacation and see more…

bali, diving, underwater, adventures

Bali Diving


Seawalker is the great experience to walk underwater using special helmet supplied by the overflow oxygen to keep your trip comfortably. You will discover the beautiful fishes, coral  and see more…

bali, sea, walker, ocean, adventures

Bali Seawalker


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