Bali Marine Water Sport Activities

Water Sport Activities in Bali are the most favorite water adventures demanded by tourists those are set in Tanjung Benoa Beach, south part of Bali Island. There are several attractive and challenges water adventures offered by several marine adventure companies include Jet Ski, Parasailing, Banana Boat, Donuts Riding, Fly Fish, Snorkeling and Turtle Island Tour. All marine water adventures are very exciting and fantastic that you must be there and enjoy it.

bali, water, sport, jet ski

Bali Marine Water Sport

Favorite Water Sports

Jet Ski

bali, water, marine, sports, activities, jet ski

Bali Jet Ski

It is an exciting water adventure by riding the Jet Ski with special engine about 700 cc to explore the entire beach of Tanjung Benoa. There is a professional and licensed Jet Ski guide will accompany you to ride within 15 minutes for one trip package. Wave splashing of the seawater will increase your enthusiasm to explore the beautiful ocean with fresh of sea breeze.


Parasailing, bali, adventures


Parasailing is a fantastic flying adventure using the parachute pulled by the speed boat with the power of engine. You will fly up until 45 meters to overview the amazing panoramic view of Tanjung Benoa area. You will have the great adventures with safety equipment and soft landed on the sand and the duration of trip is one round.

Fly Fish

Fly Fish, bali, water, sport

Fly Fish

This adventure is very exciting and challenges that will bring you to fly on the seawater using the rubber boat in form of fish pulled by the power boat. The trips will take you to the fantastic experience for 2 rounds in each trip package.

Banana Boat

banana, boat, riding

Banana Boat Riding

Banana Boat Riding is a fantastic water adventure to ride the rubber boat in form of big banana and pulled by the power boat or speed boat. The boat can accommodate up to 7 – 8 people depend on the boat size and you will have the great challenges to explore the beach.

Donut Riding

It is a new comer water attraction in Bali where you will have the fantastic experience by riding the rubber boat in form of Donut and pulled by the speed boat.


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Snorkeling Activity

Snorkeling is the exciting adventure to see the underwater life and you can enjoy this adventure at Tanjung Benoa Beach. the snorkel and other snorkeling gears are available to be used including the free boar transfer to transfer you to the snorkeling spots those are already on price package.


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