Kuningan Day | Balinese Hindu Holidays

Kuningan Day is one of the biggest holidays for Hindu in Bali and other regions in Indonesia. It was very interesting to look around this island and we will discover plenty if Balinese goes to the temple for pray. There are several Hindu temples conduct the temple ceremony on this day due to this day is good day for temple festival (based on Balinese Hindu calendar). Like today, we went to Tanah Lot and found the temple ceremony at Pekendungan Temple. Thousand of Balinese people come all day through for praying their god at this temple.

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Kuningan Day Ceremony

Sakenan Temple Ceremony

There is another biggest temple in Bali holding the temple festival on this day like Sakenan Temple. This temple is situated on small island in south part of Denpasar City and now can be accessed by any vehicles since the big bridge had been built to connect this island with Bali Island. The local people use the traditional boat to reach this island from Denpasar previously but now it much easy cause of the bridge existence. Look some photos we take on Kuningan Day that will give you some picture about the local cultures and traditions.


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