Inna Putri Bali

Inna Putri Bali

Inna Putri Bali

The island of gods is steeped in riches that are beyond material value, here lush tropical landscapes, culture and tradition, art and theater, contrast sharply with the simplicity of a rice farming culture and the dynamism of modern developing nation. Nusa Dua Bali’s premier resort, is known for its world class facilities and atmosphere of comfort and privacy. Only 15 minutes from Bali’s International Airport, this oasis of luxury offers, a wide range of dining and leisure opportunities. 

Inna Putri Bali

Inna Putri Bali

Inna Putri Bali is set on a wide of Nusa Dua. The extensive gardens landscaped around the original established trees, stretch right down to the best beach on the entire peninsula, perfect for swimmers and water sports lovers both high and low tides. The rhythms of Balinese life in the local community are echoed within the hotel which as the name Putri (Princes) suggest, assures you of a “royal” Bali Experience.

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