Amazing Taste of Pia Legong

There are many types of souveIMG07359-20101109-1227nirs and gifts that people can buy when visiting Bali, not only clothing but also foods. One of the most popular food that is bought by tourists when having a visit to Bali is Pia Legong. Pia is a small pastry cake filled with various types of fillings. It can be found easily all around Indonesia especially in Java. But Pia Legong is different to other Pias in Indonesia, it can only be found in Bali.

The Pia Legong store is d4d53da651dc3285054b013b9affcec3located in Kuta Megah complex in Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, approximately 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. There are no other branch of this store. The production of Pia Legong doesn’t use any machinery it is made directly by the owner to keep the quality and the flavor of Pia Legong. This fresh Pia is packed 2 hours after it is cooked and straight away sold in the store. Pia Legong comes in three variations of tastes. Mug-Bean filling may be the first choice liked by lots of people, the other two are chocolate and cheese filling which is also as delicious as the Mug-bean filling Pia.

Pia Legong store is opened daily from 9:0img01769-20120219-09010am until 17:00pm, the store is always full with domestic and foreign visitors. Visitors who wish to buy this Pia must queue and it is only permitted to buy only 2 boxes of Pia Legong per person. The price for one box of Pia Legong is Rp. 70.000 and each box contain 10 pieces of Pia cakes. For visitors who wants to buy more than two boxes must come to this store with more people and queue together. Especially on holiday seasons, visitors should come to the store earlier and queue before the store opens, because if the stocks of Pia Legong is finished, the store will immediately close. The delicious taste of Pia Legong attracts many visitors to come back and buy this interesting pastry cake that can only be found in Bali.

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