Gala-gala Cave an Unique Underground House

One of the most interesting attrgoa-gala2action in Lembongan island is the underground house. This unique house is called Gala-Gala underground house it was built in 1961 and  finished in 1976 it took 15 years to finish building the underground house. It is constructed under a 4 hectare land. The house was built by a farmer called Made Byasa who was also a preist and a Dalang (shadow puppet performer). Made Byasa was inspired by a Hindu epic to build this house, it was the Mahabrata from “Wana Parwa” episode.

The story tells about Panda1453_1.Rumah_bawah_tanah_ini_adalah_peninggalan_Made_Byasa,_dalang_yang_menekuni_filosofi_kisah_wayang_yang_dibawakannyawa and his familiy’s life in the middle of the forest after being banned because of gambling loses with Kurawa. They were challenged to live their life in the forest for 12 years. There were lots of challenges that they had to face in the forest, Pandawa felt unsafe and thought Kurawa were out to kill their family. So he built a cave to protect his family and named the cave Gala-Gala. From that episode, Made Byasa was inspired to build his own cave.

Before entering the underggala12round house, visitors would find photographs of the creator Made Byasa, 2 traditional buildings, a well, small shrine and a sacred Bayan tree. The underground house consists of 3 entrance, the alley reaches up to 7 meters under the ground. To enter the house, visitors must go down through a 2 meter stairs, the rooms in this house is only 1 to 2 meters high, therefore some people must bend as they go and explore the house one room to another room. This incredible labyrinth house include bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, a well and a sacred meditation room. Gala-Gala cave is the top tourist attraction in Nusa Lembongan, it is a great asset and everyday this cave is visited by lots of tourist.

More Photos:

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