Ground Zero – Bali Bombing Monument

Ground Zero MonuBali_memorialment is a memorial monument built after the first Bali Bombing on the 12th of October 2002. The monument is built on the site of destroyed pub in Legian street. The Ground Zero monument was built on the second anniversary of the first Bali Bombing, 12th October 2004. The monument is made on an intricately carved stone set with a large marble plaque with the names and nationalities of the Bali bombing victims. There are 202 death victims from 24 different countries on this bombing tragedy.

The dedication of thisa214676361ecfcc788c73b06d7bb55fe_1 memorial monument included a Balinese Hindu ceremony and gave people an opportunity to lay so me flowers and offerings. This ceremony was attended by the Indonesian officials and Australian ambassadors, as most of the death victims were Australians. Many foreign and domestic tourists that come to Bali will have a sufficient time to visit this monument. Some of the families of the victims visit this monument regularly to lay flowers and give prayer for their family and other victims. Other tourist from all over the world also come and pray for the victims of Bali bombing, sometimes they also lay flowers and offerings to show their respect and condolences for the death victims of the bombing tragedy. This monument would look more wonderful and illuminated at night.

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