Bali Museum Reflecting to the Past Story

Bali Museum is a museum locBali_Museumated in the center of Denpasar city on Mayor Wisnu street next to Jagat Natha Temple. It is easy to locate as it it built in the east side of Puputan field. Bali Museum is one of the museums in Bali that collects ancient objects related to the history of Bali island. This museum has been appointed as one of the tourist destinations in Bali, many tourists from domestic and foreign country come and visit this museum everyday. Besides tourists, students also often come in group to this museum for their knowledge and education about Bali in the historic time. Bali Museum is an important museum to preserve the ancient and historical objects of Balinese ancestors.

There are about 10.506 colgallery_Museum_Balilections in this museum. The collection include Lontar manuscripts, tomb stones, some collection from the historical era such as stupa, bronze statues, ethnographic objects such as Kris, Endek materials and various types of traditional masks. Bali Museum is built by in a Tri Mandala (three areas) concept. Nista Mandala the outer courtyard, Madya Mandala the inner courtyard and Utama Mandala the main building.

The Utama Mandala is dIndonesia-Museum-Bali--(13)ivided into three buildings, they are Tabanan building, Karangasem building and Buleleng building. In Tabanan building, visitors can see historic household equipments, musical instrument and traditional weapons. Karangasem building consists of sculptures and traditional paintings and in the Buleleng building there are clay statues and archeological finds. Bali museum is opened Sunday to Thursday from 8:00am until 15:00pm and for Fridays it is opened from8:00am until 12:30pm.

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