Black Rice Pudding – Balinese Tasty Desert

Bubur Injin or knownIMG_9432 as Black Rice pudding is a traditional Balinese pudding made out of Black rice and coconut milk. Black Rice is good for our health as it contains high value of nutrition and several important vitamins. This black rice pudding is consumed by people from all ages, the delicious and unique taste makes this pudding as one of the favorite dessert in Bali. It has a simple taste and also suitable to be served for breakfast and afternoon tea.

Firstly, the black rice  has to be soaked in a bowl oblackricef water. The soaked black rice is then boiled with cinnamon stick and Pandan leaf until the texture is soft enough to eat. After that, palm sugar and salt will be added to the black rice. When the mixture is ready, the cinnamon stick and Pandan leaf will be removed and the black rice will be moved into a small bowl. The black rice is now ready, the main traditional black rice pudding is served with coconut milk. But some other toppings such as shredded coconut, fresh fruits and ice cream can also be added to give more taste and sweetness. Black rice pudding can easily be found in restaurants all around Bali. For people who wants to try the traditional black rice pudding without other mixtures, it can be found in traditional markets in Bali.

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  2. you make me hungry when i read this article. look delicious

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