Tenganan Village – Bali Ancient and Traditions

Tenganan is a traditio1346464508494695922nal village located in the east side of Bali, Karangasem regency. It is about 10 kilometers in the north of Candidasa and about 70 kilometers from Denpasar City. The inhabitants in Tenganan village is called Bali Aga, it is one of the three rural village in Bali. Bali Aga is a village that still remain their lifestyle and community that refers to the rules of the inherited traditional village customs of their ancestors.

Tenganan Village is located in tmail-tengananhe middle of two hills, it is the Western hill (Bukit Kauh) and East hill (Bukit Kangin). The settlement in this village is built straight from the north to south. The shapes of the building and grounds, as well as the temple is made by following the rules of the custom hereditary maintained. The villagers mostly work as farmers and craftsman. The various types of handicrafts made in this village are woven bamboo, paintings, carvings and drawings on Lontar leafs. Tenganan also produces a weaving cloth called  Gringsing, the technique of making this weaving cloth is the only one in Indonesia and the result of the Gringsing fabric is known up to foreign countries. Some inhabitants in Tenganan village still use barter system in their daily life. Besides foreign tourists, sometimes students come to this village as a study tour program to learn and know about the Tenganan people lifestyle.

Mekare-Kare is an interestingAncient Pandanus War Ritual Held In Balinese Village and unique ritual attraction that can only be found in Tenganan. It is a ritual held every fifth Sasih (month) of Sambah Holiday. In this ritual the youth held a peaceful fight using Pandan leaves. 2 men fight and try to attack each other and defend at the same time, this action is a dangerous because the thorn of the pandan leaves could injure the mans bodies. However, at the end of the ritual, there is grudge, win or lose, they finish their ritual with peace, because this action is to worship the Indra God as the God of war. This ritual attracts many foreign tourists, for visitors who would like to feel a traditional atmosphere of Bali should have a visit to this village.

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