Bali Zoo Park Driving an Amazing Wildlife

Bali Zoo park is a popular anbalizoo1d most visited zoo in Bali. Located in Singapadu Village, Gianyar regency. It is about 1 hour drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport, and 15-20 minutes from Ubud. Bali Zoo park is set in a 3.5 hectare area with tall trees, thick vegetation and clean environment re-creating natural habitats for the animals in the zoo. Visitors can see various types of animals, some endangered and rare animals can also be found in this zoo. This Zoo is very effective for visitors especially children to learn about the wildlife conservation. This zoo is popular among domestic and foreign tourists.

There are abo A night at the zoo_dinner 03ut 350 creatures that include various types of mammals, birds and reptiles. Mammals raging from primates deers, camels, kangaroo, lions, Sumatran tigers and many other mammals that live in tropical regions. Popular tropical birds such as Peacocks, Cassowary and lots of other Asian bred bird types. The reptiles include iguanas, lizards, green snakes and pythons. Visitors are also able to see endangered animals such as Orang Utans, Jalak Bali (Bali Myna) and Komodo the largest living lizard only found in Indonesia in Bali zoo. Daily programs in the zoo include feeding lions, crocodiles and tigers. In the Petting area, visitors have a chance to pet and take pictures with baby monkeys, baby lions birds, ponies, iguanas and pythons, all the animals are fully cared by veterinarian so there is no need to worry. Animal shows are performed 4 times daily from 11:00am, 13:00pm, 15:00pm and the last one is at 16:00pm. On Wednesdays and Fridays, visitors can enjoy and experience “Night at the zoo” from 18:00pm until 21:30pm where animal attractions and fire dances are performed.

Outbound activities such as F1lying Fox are also available in the zoo. Star Bhoga restaurant is a restaurant located in the middle of the zoo where visitors can have lunch or dinner after having a walk around the zoo. On special occasions, the restaurant offer popular Balinese dance performances. Bali Zoo Park is a great place to visit with families.

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