Bali Bird Park – Birds Sanctuary to Visit

Bali Bird Park is a populabridr Bird Park located in Singapadu Village, Sukawati district, Gianyar Regency. The bird park was opened in 1995.  It is situated about 12 kilometers east of Denpasar and it takes about 1 hour to reach this Bird Park. Bali Bird park is said to be one of the largest bird park in Indonesia, becoming one of the favorite tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign visitors. It is often visited by group of students from schools as a study tour program.

The Bird Park is built on Bali_Starling,_Leucopsar_rothschildi_-Bali_Starling_at_Bali_Bird_Parkan area of 2 hectares, there are various species of local and foreign birds in this park. Approximately there are 1000 birds representing more than 200 species maintaining this park. The variety of birds can be found in this park include birds of paradise, pigeon, pelican, parrot, owls, eagles and many other avian species as well as Indonesian endemic species. The park is also filled by amazing flora with more than 2000 tropical plants and attractive butterflies can also be seen around the park.

There are some bali-bird-parkinteresting shows and programs for visitors who   visit the park. The bird shows include Bali Rainforest Flying Show where trained birds will do tricks to delight visitors, the show performed at 10:30am and 16:00pm everyday. Basic Instinct Raptor Show where birds perform somersaults in the air the show is performed everyday at 11:30am and 3:00pm. And Meeting Birds in Bali Starling Restaurant, visitors can enjoy meals with assorted bird species at the parks  restaurant. The programs that are provided in the park include bird feeding, bird nursery and taking picture with the birds. Bali Bird Park is an interesting park to visit with families and children.

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