Tulamben Offers Great View of Underwater Ecosystem

tulambenTulamben is a village located in the northeast coast of Bali facing the Lombok Strait. Tulamben village is situated in Kubu sub district, Karangasem Regency, it approximately takes 3 hours to reach this village from Denpasar City. This village has become Bali’s most famous diving area since there is a wreck of liberty, a US Army Transport ship torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1942 lies in the shallow water of Tulamben. The name Tulamben is derived from the word Batulambih which means “many stones”, because the beach in Tulamben is not made of sand, but it is covered with smooth stones.

The Shipwreck was torpwreck2edoed by the Japanese nearby the island of Lombok and the ship was pulled to the beach at Tulamben. As the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 that mostly damaged the eastern side of Bali, the ship was drove just off shore which coalesced with corals and became home to sea creatures. The wreck lies 25 meters from the shore, it can be reached with a short swim from the beach and appropriate for divers from all certification levels. The highest point of the wreck tops out about 5 meters from the surface. During high seasons, about 100 divers would dive to the wreck each day.

Tulamben has a stunning Bali_12_Dec_D05_089_sp_700yunderwater ecosystem with beautiful corals and fish due to its situation located in one of the richest bio-geographic zones in the world. Occasionally, divers may meet mola-mola sunfish, manta rays, tuna, barracuda, hammerhead sharks, Black tipped shark and whale sharks in the waters of Tulamben. Divers may also meet curious and friendly school fish that will swim and swirl around the divers. Tulamben is a great diving spot where divers can feel great satisfaction of underwater life.

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  1. This is where I qualified for my PADI open water dive! It was magical!!!! I’ve lived on the Great Barrier Reef for 3 years now and this place is still my no. 1

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    Tulamben northeast coast in Bali

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