Bali Kite Festival – Sky Full of Kites

maxresdefaultBali Kite Festival is a Kite festival held every year on July. The festival is held in Padang Galak Beach, Sanur, Denpasar. This kite festival was held on 1979 for the first time and now days, the festival is followed by both local and foreign people from all ages. The foreign people who participate this event are people from International Kite Flying Club. Kites with various designs and sizes are flown by the participants, the sizes of the kite varies from 4 to 10 meters. These kites are flown by teams of 10 people or more.

There are 4 different tyBaliKitepes of kites that are flown and competed in this event. Bebean, Janggan, pecukan are the three main traditional kite and the last one is Kreasi Baru or new creation kite. Bebean Kite is a fish shaped kite it is the largest kite that looks like a broad mouthed and split tailed fish. Janggan Kite is a bird shaped kite that has a head as its main structure followed with a long cloth tail that can reach up to 100 meters. Pecukan is a leaf shaped Kite it looks like a huge leaf and it requires the most skill to fly the kite. Kreasi Baru Kite may come in any kind of shapes, it may be three dimensional figures representing Hindu gods or other representatives. The main colors that are used in a traditional kites are Red, White and Black. Both traditional and new creation kites are constructed from bamboo and cotton cloth. The scoring is rated based on the shapes, designs, size, colors and the best and longest flight, as well as the neatness.

Bali Kite Festival also has a r9535699_origeligious view, which is intended to send messages to the Hindu Gods to create good crops and harvest. This event is popular among domestic and foreign tourists, visitors who are having a vacation in Bali during the kite festival seasonshould come over to Padang galak Beach to see the kite festival. Visitors would see hundreds of beautiful and colorful kites flying all around the beach. Sometimes, Balinese traditional orchestras are also played throughout the festival, this event attracts many tourists and kite flyers.

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