Tirta Empul – Holy Water Spring in Bali

pura-tirta-empul-best-temple-bali-indonesiaTirta Empul Temple is a Temple located in ManukayaVillage, Tampaksiring sub district, Gianyar Regency, about 40 kilometers east of Denpasar City. The temple is famous for its Holy spring water, it was built in 962 AD during the Warmadewa dynasty. Tirta Empul is located beside a villa known as President Soekarno’s Palace which was built in 1954, now the palace is used as a rest house for important guests.

Balinese people come to TiTirta-temple-kapiel-wyjazdy-nurkowe-balirta Empul to have a bathe (Melukat) in the Holy Water and hope for purification, but now days, foreign and domestic tourists also come to Tirta Empul to take a bathe in the Holy Water. First they make an offering at the main temple, then climb to the main pool to have a bathe and pray at the bathe. Many Balinese people take the Holy water in bottles and bring it home. This temple is one of the heritage sites in Bali especially in Gianyar Regency.

The shrines in Tirta Em10296787_1418134245125573_1476686667_apul Temple are shrines to worship Shiva, Visnu, Brahma, Indra and Mount Batur, there are also Balinese split gates around the temple. In the main courtyard, there is a large pavilion for visitors to have a rest. There is also a rectangular pool which is filled sacred spring and large Koi fish. This temple is an interesting place to visit, besides the beautiful temple, visitors get to see the president’s palace and see Balinese people praying and worshiping God and Its manifests, visitors also have a chance to take a bathe at the Holy Water which is very cold. Definitely, it would be a great experience to have a bathe in a Holy Water of Bali.

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