Kecak Dance an Unforgettable Entertainment

Kecak Dance is a poptari-kecak1ular Balinese Dance performed by 100 men or more. This impressive dance is also known as the Ramayana Monkey Chant because the story of the dance is taken from Ramayana story, a Hindu Epic. It tells about the story of prince Rama with a help of monkey-like Vanara who defeats the evil king Ravana to rescue princess Sita. The Kecak dancers perform their dance by sitting in big circle wearing the Balinese traditional black and white checked cloths around their waist. The uniqueness of this dance is the music, Kecak dancers create their own music by percussively chanting “Cak” while throwing their arms up, swaying, standing up, laying down as the story develop. This dance is classified as a sacred ritual dance, during the performance, spiritual entities may enter and possess the bodies of the dancers.

Kecak Dance is performRaja-Kamar-230g-Bali-Pesona-Tari-Kecak-11ed at Uluwatu Temple before sunset when the last rays of the sun slowly disappears behind the sea. Visitors could see this interesting dance with beautiful sunset background. Then the story continues in the darkness where the dance is only lit by the light from flames and torches. The dance starts at 18:00pm, but visitors are able to purchase the ticket from 17:00pm, the price is Rp 100.000 for adults, and Rp 50.000 for children. Besides Uluwatu, Kecak Dance performance is also performed in other places such as Ubud and Tanah Lot. But Uluwatu is said to be the best place to watch Kecak Dance. This dance is an interesting Balinese dance performance, it can entertain bot domestic and foreign tourists from all ages.

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