Joger Offers Creative Souvenirs

Joger is one of the most faToko_Pabrik_Kata_Kaos_Jogermous shopping object in Bali, located in Kuta Street near Ngurah Rai International Airport. It is most famous with its shirts that have unique writings and pictures. Many tourists say that it is not complete if we don’t visit Joger and buy a souvenir in Joger when having a vacation in Bali. The name Joger is taken from a combination of 2 names they are Joseph Theodorus Wulianadi, the owner of Joger and his close friend Mr.Gerhard Seeger. Joseph used Mr. Gerhard’s name because he gave US$ 20.000 fund as a wedding gift to Joseph. This shop has a unique slogan it is “Belanja Tidak Belanja Tetap Thank you” which has a meaning “shop or not shop we utter thank you”

When visitors enter the JSONY DSCoger outlet, visitors will be greeted friendly by the staff and paste a sticker on the visitors shirt which has a writing VIP (very important person) as a token of the outlets entry. Joger provides its own characteristics that is designed of unique words. Besides shirts, there are many kinds of merchants that are available in Joger, such as hats, bags, slippers, wall hangings, mugs, key chain and other unique and creative souvenirs. The prices of the shirts and souvenirs are slightly expensive than other souvenir shops due to the good quality and unique design.

Visitors must be preparedt-shirt joger bali to be disappointed because the stocks of the shirts and souvenirs are limited. Sometimes it is hard to find the right sized shirt because of the stock limitation. Joger offers fun shopping with its interesting and unique gifts, no one would regret visiting this shop.

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  1. wanna shop ? go to Joger

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