Masceti – A Sacred Temple and Beach

Masceti TemTravellingbali-temples-Masceti-temple1ple is one of Bali’s 9 directional temple. It is a sacred temple located in the Masceti beach, Medahan Village, Blahbatuh Sub district, Gianyar Regency. It approximately take 1.5 hours tou reach this temple from Denpasar City. The temple has a beautiful Balinese entrance facing to the beach, inside the temple, there are several shrines and nicely carved stone figures. A myth says that people who are in a relationship should not visit the temple and the beach because they may be separated soon.

Masceti Temple is dedMASCETI-5_0.main storyicated to worship Vishnu God as the maintainer of the universe. Once, Vishnu God had a relationship with Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth, prosperity, fortune and beauty. They both spent most of their time at the Masceti Beach, they always had great discussion together until one day, Lakshmi started to argue heavily as they had different opinions which finally caused separation among them. Lakshmi then divided the beach into to parts which is now known as the Masceti Beach and the Saba Beach. That is why it is believed that couples who visit the area near Masceti Beach would not last for a long time.

The Masceti Beach is aJP_agungparameswara_17052012_02 spiritual beach where many purification ceremonies are held. Tourist activities such as sunbathing, surfing and water sports are prohibited in this beach. This is why Masceti Temple and Masceti Beach is said to be one of the least visited place by tourists. But visitors who are looking for spiritual tourism, Masceti is the right place to visit.

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Masceti Temple (Pura Masceti), one of the 9 most important temples in Bali is located on the northern shore of Masceti Beach, Medahan Village, Blahbatuh Subdistrict,  Keramas, Gianyar. The trip to Pura Masceti from famous Kuta takes about a 1 ½ hours. – See more at:
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