Beratan Lake – Feel a Refresh Atmosphere

Beratan Lake is the laBeratan-02rgest lake in Bali, located in Bedugul, Tabanan Regency, approximately 48 kilometers north of Denpasar City. Due to its location in Bedugul, which is known as a mountain lake resort, the atmosphere around the lake is cool. Beratan is a shallow lake, the deepness of this lake is about 22 meter and the area of this lake is approximately 3.8 square kilometers, located 1231 meters above sea level. The activities that can be done around Beratan lake include sightseeing and water recreations. The various types of water recreation activities are boat riding around the lake, Parasailing, traditional canoeing, water skiing and for fishing is also available in the lake area.

To reach the lake, visitDSC00844(1)ors can access through a small port provided or stop over at Ulun Danu Temple. Ulun Danu temple is a beautiful Temple located in the lakeside of Beratan. This temple is another destination in Bedugul. When visiting Beratan Lake, it is recommended to come by and visit this temple too. The temple is surrounded by the beautiful Beratan Lake and the hills of Bedugul, a great place for sightseeing. Ulun Danu temple consists of 4 different shrines, they are: Lingga Petak Temple to worship Siwa God, Penataran Puncak Mangu to worship Wisnu God, Terate Bang to worship Brahma God and Dalem Purwa to worship Laksmi Goddess.

The tourist facilities arouDanau Beratan 7nd the lake is complete. Restaurants, food stalls, traditional market and hotels are provided near the area. Visitors can enjoy various types of meals while viewing the beautiful lake and green scenery that surround the lake. Visitors can also spend a night near the lake area, the atmosphere near the lake will get cooler and cooler at night. Beratan Lake and Ulun Danu Temple is a great tourist destinantion to visit in Bali.

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