Tegalalang Rice Terrace Offers Scenic Panorama

ubud-tegalalang-2Tegalalang is a village located in the north part of Ubud, Bali. It is one of the most popular and attractive tourist destination in Bali. The village offers great view of neat rice terrace set in cliffs. Visitors may see this beautiful rice terrace along the main road from kintamani to Ubud. Tegalalang rice terrace is the best and most visited tourist attraction during Ubud village tour. Situated 600 meters above sea level, the atmosphere in this area is cool, there are many coconut trees as well as small rivers and streams which makes this place as a paradise place.

The local villagers mrice-terraces-of-tegalalangostly work as a farmer and take care of the rice terrace while others work as a government officer. Many restaurants are provided in Tegalalang. Visitors can relax and enjoy meals while viewing the scenic panorama of rice terrace. Another opportunity is that visitors may see the local farmers do their activities in the rice terrace. Especially for foreign tourist, of course it would be an unique and interesting thing to see because this moment may not be seen in busy cities and towns. As Ubud is known and popular with the art crafts, Tegalalang also offers beautiful art crafts. Along the roads in Tegalalang, visitors may find many shops and stalls selling variety of painted woodcarvings and othe Balinese art products.

Tegalalang is a great place ttegalalango visit when having a holiday in Bali. Visitors may relax and refresh minds by seeing the beautiful panorama of rice terrace. After having a great relax, visitors may visit several art shop alongside the road. Surely visitors will have a nice time in Tegalalang.


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