Canang Sari a Simple Balinese Offering

Canang Sari is a simple hSONY DSCouse hold offering made by Balinese Hindu people which is presented to thank Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (God) in praise and prayer. It is offered daily by the Hindu people. The word Canang Sari is derived from two words, Canang means a small palm leaf basket and Sari means essence. The word Canang itself has two syllables from Kawi language where Ca means beautiful and Nang means purpose. Bali is known as “The Island Of God”, hence, this type of offerings are found all over the island in Balinese temples, small house shrine, on the ground and even on cars and motorcycles.

This Canang Sari is offerebali-money-as-garnish-offering2d every day to the Hindu Gods as the form of thanking for prosperity and peace that had been given to the world. It is offered every day except when there is a death from one of a family member’s cremation ceremony. Each color of the flowers in a Canang Sari represents a Hindu God. White flower is a symbol of Iswara, Red for Brahma, Yellow for Mahadeva and blue or green symbolizes Vishnu. The offering is completed by placing an amount of Kepeng (coin money) and the paper money, it is indicated to make up the Sari or the essence of the offering.

Visitors who are interestemaking_canangd to try and learn how to make a Canang Sari, there are some places that offers a Balinese culture lesson where visitors can learn various types of Balinese cultures including Balinese offering making. It would require some efforts for beginners, but it is an interesting activity to do when visiting Bali.

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