Trunyan Village – A Village with Unique Custom

Trunyan Village is onetrunyan-village-1 of the most known village in Bali. It is located on the eastern part of Lake Batur on the foot of Mount Abang, Kintamani district, Bangli Regency. Referring to the founding of a temple to Batara Da Tonta, the village is believed to be found during 882-914 AD and was inhabited by the native Balinese or Bali Aga. As the village is located on the foot of Abang Mountain, the atmosphere is cool. Now days, the village is often visited by tourists from all over the world. Trunyan Village is famous for its unique custom where bodies of people who have died is treated differently than other Balinese Hindu people. General Balinese Hindu has a special cremation ceremony called Ngaben where dead bodies are burnt and the ashes are thrown to to the ocean, while in Trunyan Village, dead bodies are not burnt, instead, it is only placed and laid on a bamboo cage in the graveyard in the forest area.

The bodies don’t proThe_body_of_a_young_lady_left_out_in_the_open_to_decompose,_Trunyan,_Baliduce bad smells even though it has been there for months or even years. It is believed that the scents of Taru Menyan Tree absorbs the smell of the corpses. Taru means tree and Menyan means nice smell, the word “Trunyan” is also derived from the two words. There are 3 kinds of Sema (cemetery) in Trunyan, they are Sema Wayah a cemetery for citizens who died naturally, Sema Muda a cemetery for infants and small children or people who have grown up but not married and Sema Bantas for citizens who died unnaturally such as accidents and suicides.

The cemetery is separatrunyan1ted from the main village by the lake, it is only accessible by boat, great view of a lake and Mount Batur backdrop can be seen on the way to reach the cemetery. When visiting Trunyan village, visitors would see lots of human sculls scattered along the street, it is one of the main attraction in Trunyan village. Trunyan is one of the most unique and interesting site to visit in Bali.

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