Jeruk Bali – A Tasty and Healthy Fruit

Jeruk Bali or known asjeruk-bali Pomelo (Citrus Maxima) is a type of grapefruit that has a larger size than usual grapefruits. It also has a different and unique taste than other grapefruits, Jeruk Bali tastes bitter and sour with slightly sweet taste. The fruit usually comes in green or yellowish colored skin with sweet pink or red flesh. The skin of Jeruk Bali is very thick and very hard to be peeled, several techniques are required to peel the thick skin. The size of this unique fruit varies from 15 to 25 centimeters in diameter and usually weighs up to 1 to 2 kilograms. A Jeruk Bali is priced about Rp 15.000 to Rp 35.000 depending on the size and weight. The unique taste and size of Jeruk Bali attracts many tourist to try the fruit.

Jeruk Bali is also very good for Jeruk bali1our body, various types of diseases can be avoided when we consume this fruit. This fruit contains Vitamin C, Lycopene that can act as antioxidants, Pectin that can lower cholesterol levels and lowers heart disease risk and potassium that include anticancer as well as healthy prostate. Jeruk ali is also very good for our skinand beauty it can prevent us from skin cancer, skin allergy, acne and flecks. Jeruk Bali is sold almost in every supermarkets and traditional markets, it is not hard to find this fruit in Bali.

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