Bukit Jambul Offers Stunning View of Nature

bukit-jambul-rice-terrace-bali-golden-tourBukit Jambul is one famous tourist attraction located on the east part of Bali, precisely in Pesaban Village, Rendang district, Karangasem Regency. It would approximately take 1.5 t0 2 hours to reach this famous highland from Denpaar City. Bukit Jambul is derived from 2 words, Bukit means hill and Jambul means crest, hence, the meaning of Bukit Jambul is crest of a hill. It is situated in a plateau area which offers great scenery of hills and rice terrace combined with green coconut trees unfolding the sea also the roads wining underneath the hills. The hill is located 500 meters above sea level, the atmosphere in this area is very cool. Many visitors come to Bukit Jambul when having a tour to Karangasem, it is such a great place to relax and see beautiful natural panorama.

A Story tells that this hill Buki-Jambulwas first discovered by the Dutch who came to Pesaban Village. It was named Bukit Jambul because the shape of the hill looked like a hair’s crest. The crest shape is created by the Bayan trees that are growing on the hill. These group of Bayan trees makes the hill looks like a crest from the distance. On top of the hill, there is an old Hindu Temple called the Pucak Sari Temple. The temple is visited regularly by the locals especially on Hindu Holidays, locals come and to pray to thank God for all the prosperity that has been given to them.

Bukit Jambul is becIndonesia_Bali_BukitJambul_RiceTerracesoming a favorite nature tourist destination, it is an interesting place to visit in Karangasem Regency. Restaurants which offer both Indonesian and international food are provided around the hill area, visitors can have a meal while viewing the scenic panorama of hills and rice terrace.


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