Bali Mandara Toll – Great View of the Bali Sea

Bal Mandara Toll is the first tJalan-Tol-Bali-Mandaraoll road or highway that is built in Bali. The highway was officially opened by the President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on the 23rd of September 2013. The construction of Bali Mandara Toll has been completed in 14 months, it is constructed above the sea water and the total length of the toll road is 12.7 kilometers. This highway building action has become a controversy among the environment activists and the government due to the destruction of parts of the mangrove forest. But on the inauguration event, the government has planted 16.000 mangrove trees. Bali Mandara Toll links Denpasar City, South Kuta and Ngurah Rai International Airport. The purpose of this highway construction is to prevent traffic jams on Bypass Ngurah Rai Road.

The word Bali Mandara is an acronymandara2m of Bali Maju Aman Damai Sejahtera. Bali Maju means a dynamic Bali which keeps moving forward, Bali Aman means Bali is a society that prizes social harmony and security, Bali Damai means Bali is a peaceful place and Bali Sejahtera means Bali is an island that provides welfare.The fee that is charged to use this highway is Rp 4.000 for motorcycles and Rp 10.000 for cars. Beautiful view of the blue sea and the mangrove forests can be seen from this highway.

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