The Blanco Renaissance Museum Ubud’s Artistic Museum

blanco-renaissance-museumThe Blanco Renaissance Museum is an artistic museum located in Campuhan Village, Ubud, it is situated on a hilltop above Campuhan valley, westward from Puri Saren (Ubud Palace), about 5 minutes away. Blanco museum was the house and studio of Don Antonio Blanco, a famous Philippine and Spanish descendant artist. The museum is surrounded by a beautiful garden lawn and a courtyard. This museum is a homage to Blanco’s heritage, the building itself has a combination of Balinese and Spanish architecture. Inside, there are paintings, collages, illustrated poetry and other artworks by Antonio Blanco. The Blanco Renaissance museum only displays Blanco and his son’s artworks, there are no other artists artwork displayed in this museum.

Don Antonio Blanco first time viIMG_1859sited Bali in the 1950’s and fell in love with the island due to the cultural richness of Bali and gave inspirations for his artworks. He then married Ni Ronji a traditional Balinese dancer which was also his model for his paintings and artworks. Blanco built a house in Ubud where he kept all his artworks he lived there with Ni Ronji and their son, and now his house is known as the Blanco Renaissance Museum. Besides paintings and artworks, there are also photographs of Blanko and his family. One interesting room of the museum is the camera room, in this room, various types of old and antique cameras are displayed, these old antique cameras are Mario Blanco’s (Antonio Blanco’s son) collection, besides painting, Mario’s hobby was also photography.

The admission fee to Antonio_Blanco_le_muséethis museum is Rp 50.000, visitors a are served a welcome drink when visiting this museum. The Blanco museum is highly recommended for art lovers, great artworks are displayed in this museum. The museum also a gift shop and a cafe, several books about antonia Blanco and his artworks are available for purchase at the gift shop. The cafe offers International and traditional foods with relaxing Blinese atmosphere. The Blanco Renaissance Museum is an enjoyable museum to visit, some visitors even spend a full day visit at the museum.

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