Maduwe Karang Temple an Artistic Hindu Temple

Maduwe Karang Templggge in an old Balinese Temple locateed in Kubutambahan Village, approximately 12 kilometers east of Singaraja and 300 meters west of the Junction with the Kintamani road.  This temple was known and often visited by tourists since the second world war. The meaning of Maduwe Karang is “whom the earth belongs” this ancient Balinese Hindu temple is dedicated to Dewi Sri, the Goddess of rice. The locals come to this temple to pray and hope for a rich harvest in the surrounding such as rice, coffee, maize, fruit and other vegetable plantations. Around the temple, beautiful Frangipani trees are planted neatly which makes this temple area look more attractive.

The temple is divided into threpura-maduwe-karangqe courtyards, they are Jaba Pura or the outer court, Jaba Tengah the middle court and Jeroan the inner court. On the outer court there are two stone steps which is decorated with 34 sandstone statues where the characters are all taken from the Ramayana epic. A four-tiered split gate leads to the middle courtyard, on the inner court lies the main shrine where the Balinese Hind pray. It is considered as the most sacred place, and a Kumbakarna statue is situated in this courtyard overwhelmed b a troop of monkey. Beautiful and cultural carvings are carved all around the temple wall.

The most interesting and aggggggggggggggggggggggttractive relief is situated on the central platform which shows a man riding on a bicycle and the wheels of the bicycle are decorated with flowers. It is thought that the man on the bicycle represents the Dutch ethnologists W.O.J Nieuwenkamp who rode on a bicycle when working in northern Bali around 1904. The relief is special because previously, bicycle was an unknown transport to the local people. Maduwe Karang Temple is one of the temple that should be visited when having a visit to Bali, the reliefs and carvings would astonish all visitors who visit the temple.

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