Mount Batur Climbing – Enjoyable and Unforgettable

Mount Batur is an active volcaview-of-lake-batur-andno situated on the northeastern part of Bali, precisely in Kintamani Region. This mountain is believed as a sacred mountain by the Balinese Hindu, the caldera of Mount Batur is filled by Danau Batur or Batur Lake, Bali’s largest crater lake. The height of this mountain is about 5.633 feet, for nature lovers who likes trekking and hiking, the peak of this mountain can be reached within 2 hours. The view from the top of the mountain is very beautiful and stunning. Climbing Mount Batur would be a very enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Hikers who are interestBATUR11ed to climb Mount Batur, there are agencies all operating under the same organization. Hikers would be picked up around 2am depending on the hotel. The tour includes transportation, simple breakfast and a guided walk up to the volcano to see the beautiful sunrise. The temperature in this mountain is very cold especially in he early morning when the sun is not up, therefore hikers must wear proper and thick clothes when hiking through this mountain. However, when the sun is up, it may get hot so it is recommended for hikers to bring a sunscreen. There are two start ponts to climb the mountain, the first one is from Toya Bungkah and the second one is from Pura Jati or Jati Temple. Most people start from Toya Bungkah due to its pleasant trail, while Pura Jati start is more challenging because the route involves scrambling across a bumpy lava field to reach the mountain peak.

It is also possible to climb Motrekking-baturunt Batur without an organized tour for hikers who would like to explore the mountain with friends and own groups. For hikers that are planning to hike without an organized tour should start the hiking earlier because the possibility of taking the wrong path would increase the time to reach the peak and may be late to see the beautiful sunrise view from the top of the mountain. Hikers must also check and ask around about the current temperament of the volcano to avoid any accidents that may happen. climbing this mountain and seeing the stunning view of the sunrise from Mount Batur would be an unforgettable and memorable moment for all hikers.

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