Suluban Beach Offers Perfect Surfing Waves

Suluban Beach is a beach whicIndonesia-Pantai-Suluban-Bali-(19)h offers a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean, located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta Sub district, Badung Regency. Similar to other beaches in Pecatu area, Suluban Beach is also surrounded by white cliff stones with white sandy sand and the blue sea water. The word Suluban is taken from a Balinese word “Meselub” which means “to bow down”. It is called the Suluban Beach because before reaching the beach area, visitors must couch or bow down when passing the crevice between boulders that resembles a cave. This beach is also known as the Blue Point Beach since the Blue Point Bay Villa is located on top of the cliff which shades Suluban Beach.

This beach is also a po47142a69d6b80f7ce1787b89b2429937pular beach among surfers, the character of the wave is similar to Uluwatu Beach. The waves in Suluban Beach is strong and powerful which can reach between 1 to 3 meters high, perfect wave for advanced and professional surfers.The best time to surf in this beach is during the dry seasons from April to August because the wind blows from east to west creating great waves for surfing. Besides surfing,  visitors can sunbathe or just simply have a swim and enjoy the beautiful Suluban Beach. The beach also offers great sunset view, visiting this beach in the afternoon would be a good time for visitors who are willing to see the sunset and seeking for a calm beach atmosphere. Tourist facilities are complete in this beach area, there are also souvenir shops for visitors who wish to buy some Balinese souvenirs.

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