Travel Around Indonesia in Taman Nusa Cultural Park Bali

tamannusa011Taman Nusa is a cultural park which displays the kaleidoscope of traditional houses from all over Indonesia. This 15 hectare park is situated in Sidan Village, Gianyar Regency, the park was just opened recently on the 10th of July 2013. It would approximately take 1 hour to reach Taman Nusa Park from Denpasar City. This park is becoming a popular tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists. Besides it is an interesting place where visitors can see various types of traditional Indonesian houses, it is a good educational place for children.

This cultural park is sim164746_balinusa3ilar to TMII (Taman Mini Indah Indonesia) which is located in Jakarta. In Taman Nusa Cultural Park, there are about 60 traditional Indonesian houses from all 33 provinces of Indonesia. Not only traditional houses are displayed in this park, museums and miniature of famous Indonesian landmarks are also displayed. The museums and miniatures include Batik and weaving Museum, Cultural Museum, Wayang Museum Borobudur Temple, Gajah Mada statue, ancient caves and many other Indonesian heritages. Visitors will be taken throughout Indonesia from time to time beginning from the old primitive time, through the bronze age, the Chinatown, revolutionary era and the future era of Indonesia. In the revolutionary era, there are bronze figure of Indonesia’s first president and vice president declaring the Independence of Indonesia.

Taman Nusa Cultural Park is optaman-nusa-new-attraction-in-bangli-still-under-construction-in-may-2013ened daily from 08:30am until 17:00pm, the admission fee is Rp 75.000 per person. This park is a great place to visit especially for foreign visitors who would like to know more about Indonesia and Indonesia’s culture. Visitors may learn various types of Indonesian Culture and see the great heritages of Indonesia. Taman Nusa Cultural Park brings all visitors to travel around Indonesia and feel Indonesia was like in the past. This park is appropriate for visitors from ages, it is a fun and interesting park to visit.

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