Yeh Pulu the Balinese Ancient Stone Carvings

pura_relief_yeh_pulu-604x270Yeh Pulu Relief is a less known rock carvings situated in a very attractive rice field setting. Precisely, it is located in Bedulu village, approximately 300 meters in the east of Batulumbang village, Tampak Siring, Gianyar Regency. It is about 26 kilometers away from Denpasar City. The word Yeh Pulu is derived from two words Yeh which means water and Pulu which means container of rice because its position is on the center of a holy water on the west side of Pulu relief. The relief was first founded by the Ubud retainer in 1925 then it was further examined and published by the Archeological Department of Holland which was lead by Dr.W.F Sutterheim in 1929.

The relief sculpture is carved otrekking3n a 25 meter long and 2 meters wide limestone stone wall, the story of the relief describes about the real life in the forest and the daily life of old Balinese Kingdom. The relief figure shows a mixture between the fairy tales of wayang (Balinese puppet show) and common people. To reach the relief area, visitors must walk through a small pathway where beautiful view of rice field can be seen. There are 5 main scene of reliefs carved in Yeh Pulu. The first one is about a man carrying an urn with a pole on his shoulder, in Bali the urn is used to keep Tuak, a Balinese traditional palm wine. The second relief shows a dwarf like person which is believed as the prototype of the present Balinese priest. The third relief shows bear hunters attacking a bear and also a man sitting on a horse while the fourth relief shows 2 men carrying a bear with a pole and the last relief shows activities of women in the past.

The relief in Yeh Pulu provyehpulurelief1es that the arts of Bali during the ancient times were very idealistic and superhuman in nature, they did not only carve Wayang figures but also human figures. Yeh Pulu is one of the most historical relief monument in Bali, it is also well preserved by the Krama Subak or the public organization which manages farmers and all its aspects in Bali. But sadly, this attraction is not known by many people and not many tourists come and visit this place.

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