Batukaru Temple – A Shrine on the Slope of Mount Batukaru

Batukaru Temple is one of thebatukaru1 Sad Khayangan (six directional temples) in Bali, it is believed that the temple protects the island and inhabitants from evil spirits. Batukaru Temple is located on the foot of Batukaru Mountain, Wangaya Gede countryside, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency. This temple is one of the biggest Hindu Temples in Bali, it was built in the 11th century  and protects bali from the west side.This beautiful temple is set in a plateu, 1.300 meters above sea level surrounded by tropical rainforest with Batukaru Mountain backdrop.

There are several histories a24122010003bout this temple there are also some ancient negligence in this temple. Like other Balinese temples, Batukaru temple also consists of 3 courtyards. Nista Mandala (the outer courtyard), Madya Mandala (the middle courtyard) and the Utama Mandala (main court). In the outer court of the temple, there is a Meeting Hall or called as Wantilan building in Balinese. This multifunctional building is located on the right side of the entrance gate, visitors may sit and relax at this building. In the main court, lies the most important shrine, it is the 7-tiered Meru. The shrine is dedicated to worship the God of Batukaru, Mahadewa.

The temple is visited regupura-batukarularly by the Balinese Hindu, especially on Balinese Holidays such as Galungan and Kuningan day, people from all over the island come and pray at the temple. The water in Batukaru Temple is believed as a holy water, it is used for ceremonies and offered to God and Its manifests to ensure fertility of the land. The Holy Water is also taken home for families or relatives who did not come to the temple at that time. Batukaru temple is appointed as one of the greatest tourist destination in Bali, the temple is visited by many tourists everyday. The cool and fresh atmosphere with a beautiful Balinese Hindu temple accompanied with the Batukaru mountain backdrop makes this temple as an attractive place to visit.

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