Beji Temple – Artistic and Colorful Temple

Beji Temple is a Hin1ldu temple located in Sangsit Village, Buleleng Regency, 8 kilometers east of Singaraja. This temple is known as the Subak Temple by the locals, the meaning of subak is organization for water supply or irrigation. Locals call this temple Subak Temple because the temple is built to dedicate the spirit that looks after the irrigation and rice fields. Balinese Hindu come to this holy temple regularly to pray and worship Dewi Sri, the Goddess of rice field and the symbol of prosperity.

The Beji temple wa4760619172_3d30d9cc6c_zs built in the 15th century, it is one of the most visited temple in Buleleng regency. The temple is famous for its architecture as well as its beautiful relief carvings. Like other Balinese temples, Beji Temple is also divided into three courtyards, the outer courtyard, the middle courtyard and the inner courtyard. The outer courtyard features two dragon statues which is symbolized as the temple guards and the main shrine lies on the inner courtyard. Around the courtyard, neat grasses and beautiful Frangipani trees are planted which gives a refreshing atmosphere.

What makes this temple intepura-beji-sangsitresting and attractive is that every surface of the temple has an artistic carving, mostly in form of rambling plants, flowers and typical style of Buleleng motives. Another unique thing about this temple is that all the carvings are painted therefore the templelooks artistic and colorful. As a sacred place, all visitors must wear sarong and sash when entering the Beji Temple.

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