Pulaki Temple – Incredible Hindu Shrine with Monkeys

pulaki_templePulaki Temple is a sacred Balinese Hindu shrine located in the northern part of Bali, Pulaki Village, Seririt Sub district, Singaraja City. It would approximately take 3 hours to reach this temple from Ngurah Rai International Airport.  The temple is situated on a flat land with stone hill as a back drop and the beautiful blue ocean of north Bali is just in front of the temple. There are groups of monkeys that dwell the hill forest which surrounds the temple, the monkeys usually stay and play around the temple in the day time. Besides seeing the temple and the beautiful view offered by the ocean, visitors also get to see the funny behavior of the wild monkeys in this area.

According to the legend, pulakithe Pulaki Temple was built to commemorate the arrival of the Javanese priest Nirartha to Bali in the early 16th centuries. When Nirartha entered the forest of Pulaki, he was welcomed by the monkeys which dwelt the forest. As his respect, he established the Pulaki Temple and the monkeys became its guardian. The black stone of Pulaki Temple was built in 1983, all the shrines and ornaments in this temple is dominated by black color. As a Balinese temple, Pulaki Temple is also divided into 3 courtyards, the outer, middle and inner courtyard. From the middle court, visitors get to see the beautiful Javanese sea with hills on the left and right sides. Climbing up to the main court, lies the main shrine where Balinese Hindu pray and give offerings. In the main court, visitors will see many monkeys hanging out and playing around the shrine waiting for the right time to steal the fruits and cakes from the offering. But all the Balinese people seem to get used to the monkeys and keep performing their prayers with full of concentration.

In the upper part of the temple, tPulaki-Temple-Bali-11here is a narrow path where visitors can go trekking through it. From the path, visitors can see the view of the local corn fields, ocean and hills, the path may get slippery therefore, visitors must be careful when trekking through this path. Pulaki Temple is an interesting tourist attraction where visitors can see lots of interesting view Balinese shrine, nature and the wild monkeys. It would be great to visit this temple when having a vacation in Bali.

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