Ubud Botanical Garden – See the Beautiful Garden of Ubud

Ubud Botanical GardenBotanic-Garden-Ubud-Town-Indonesia is another beautiful garden besides Bedugul, although the garden is not as big as Bedugul, it is visited by both domestic and foreign tourists. The garden is located in Tirta Tawar street, Ubud, Gianyar regency. It is about 23 kilometers away from Denpasar City and would approximately take 40 minutes to reach this botanical garden from Denpasar and about 1 hour from Ngurah Rai international Airport. This garden was founded by a German writer Stefen Reisner and Faizah in 2006. The garden lays on a 4 hectare land and offers beautiful green scenery.

In this Botanical garden, visBotanic-Garden-Ubud-Baliitors get to see various types of collections and cultivations, all the plants in this garden is conserved well and displayed neatly and beautifully around the garden.Various types of plants that can be found in this botanical garden include chocolate plantation, orchid garden, herbal plantation, edible fern, palm plantation, Rafflesia and many other tropical plants. Ubud Botanical garden is situated 400 meters above sea level, therefore the atmosphere in this area is cool. The soil here is very fertile hence , plants in this garden grow and breed well. An interesting attraction provided in this garden is the labyrinth where visitors can explore and experience a great recreation with families and friends. It is also good for children, they can play and have fun while learning about the importance of plants and nature through the facilities that are provided in the garden.

Tourist facilities are complete inriverchoco this garden, restaurants, toilets, gazebos and Joglo houses are provided. Visitors can relax and enjoy the natural and peaceful atmosphere presented by the garden. This garden is suitable for tourist from all ages, it is also a great place for relaxation and to refresh minds and weary. It would be a great place to visit together with friends and families.

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