Gunung Kawi Temple | Bali Secret Historical Sites

1_gunung_kawi_templeGunung Kawi Temples are the temples complex built in 11th Century located in Tampak Siring Subdistric, Gianyar Regency and close to Tirta Empul Temple. It is about 1,5 hours from Denpasar City passing through main road from Denpasar to Kintamani. Gunung  Kawi’s name is given by the local people because this temple has been symbol for mount in Bali Island. There are 3 temples with the same name of Gunung Kawi in Bali included Gunung Kawi Temple in Sebatu Village, Gunung Kawi Temple in Keliki Village, and Gunung Kawi Temple in Babitra Village.

Gunung Kami Bali Historical Temples

Apparently, not everyone can visit this temple where for the women who being menstruation are not allowed to enter this temple for secret and local wisdom reason. When you entering the temple, there is a local wisdom you must respect by using a sarong ‘Kamen’ (Balinese Sarong) provided by the local authorities. Gunung Kawi Temple is not just a Historical Temple, but this temple also a sacret temple for Hindu people in Bali.

tangga-menuju-candi-gunung-kawiThis Temples is set far from the entrance that we must walk through path about 300 meters down passing through the beautiful rice terrace and local people house.  Alongside the path, there are souvenir shops available to sell Balinese handicraft whee you can buy one to bring home. On my trip to this site, I have been accompanied by many local students also visit this place to learn the history and pray. I think this place should not be missed on your holiday trip plan in Bali and you will discover the beautiful heritage from old cultures from the kingdom era.

Bali Kingdom Heritage Sites

When arriving at the temples area, we will obtain the amazing picture of Gunung Kawi Temple, the most beautiful and unique temple you must visit in Bali. The number of temple in this complex are about 10 temples building those are all beautiful design, carved on the 7 meters rock cliffs. This Temples are dedicated for Anak Wungsu King from Udayana Dynasty and for his Queen.relief1

If you are a person who love historical building, I think you must visiting this temple. And book a through trusted travel agent to make your trip more easy.

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