Sanur Beach – Best Place to See Sunrise

2982844205_a5d8614930-e1346752253600Sanur Beach is one of the famous beach in Bali featured by the long white sand stretch 3 km from Padang Galak until Mertasari Beach. I visited this beach in the morning to beauty beautiful sunrise views. The calm waves and beauty sunrise made this beach has unique thing to see and it just located in west of Denpasar City or about 30 minutes from Kuta.

Bali Places to Stay

Pantai-SanurSanur Beach is well featured by the calm seawater, quiet, long white sand, and complete tourist facilities that make it as an ideal place to stay in Bali Island. The beach is also featured by the shore break with great waves ideally for surfing but the only raining season is the best to surf due to geographic reason.  There are other tourist attractions that we can join with  includes sea walker, scuba diving and snorkeling. Since I am a beginner in diving sports, this beach is perfect for me, because ocean currents are very quiet.

Sanur Beach Ideally for Family Holidays

Sanur Beach is very suitable for children where it is featured by the wide white sandy beach meanwhile the water is very calm ideally for swimming. The children can play around on the beach safely that make it a perfect place for family holidays in Bali.

sanur3I really like sit in gazebo buildings set on the beach sides, while waiting for sunrise. Along the beach is perfect for walking around and see the panoramic view of sunrise. There are many tourists go for jogging through the path set along the beach and confirm it is one of the best to stay in this island of God.


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