Penglipuran Village – Balinese Unique Traditions Discovery

desa-penglipuran-2Penglipuran Village is a traditional village located in Bangli Regency and situated about 700 meters above sea level with very comfortable atmosphere surround it and also the bamboo forests as well as coffee plantations just around the village area. The village is located approximately 45 kilometers north of Denpasar City and would take 1-2 hours to get this place. Penglipuran Village is one of the ancient traditional villages in Bali which is mostly called by Bali Aga where most of the villagers work as farmers and have tough regulations including other local wisdom. The word Penglipuran is taken from a Balinese word “Penglipur” which means entertainer. According to the legend that many kings came to this village for relaxation cause of the pure natures offering the peaceful atmosphere and also the hospitality from the local communities.

This village has three distinctive pavillage_houses_700x465rts which are called the Tri Mandala Concept. The Tri Mandala Concept divides a place based on the location, function and the level of purity. It is consisted of a holy area where temples and shrines are located, housing area where people live and a burial ground where corpse are buried. All the houses in this village has a similar shape where the front courtyard is built facing towards Mount Agung, the holy mountain in Bali. The middle courtyard is situated in westwards where the kitchen and housings are located. And the back courtyard is where the animals are placed. There is also a place to look after the livestock and vegetable plantations which is called Teba.

The houses in this villpenglipuran1age are lined up neatly from north to south which looks very beautiful with Balinese traditional entrance gate and each entrance gate is made by the same style architecture. the visitors who visit this village will be presented by the unique villagers earn their livings by using traditional equipment and also see children playing traditional games. Penglipuran Village is said to be the neatest village among other villages in Bali. The village is often visited by both domestic and foreign tourists.

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