Gringsing Woven – Original Balinese Clothes

Gringsing woven tenganan_geringsing_2cloth is a handmade woven cloth that is made in Tenganan Village, Karangasem Regency, east side of Bali. This traditional cloth is made out of natural dyes and it may take months or even years to develop the cloth. The word Gringsing is derived from two words Gring which means hurt or pain and Sing which means no or not. Therefore Gringsing has a meaning “no pain”, that is why this woven cloth is used on ritual ceremonies because it is believed that when using the cloth, there wont be any pain and would be protected from evil spirits. The original Gringsing cloth can only be found in Tenganan Village. Special technique called the double-ikat technique is used to create the cloth, this kind of weaving technique can only be done by three countries in the world, they are Japan, India and Indonesia(Tenganan Village).

The threads of thistenganan_6 cloth are all from natural coloring. The red color originates from the roots of Mengkudu (Noni fruit) trees, yellow from candle nut oil and black color is made from the mixture of indigo and red Taum grass. The thread is first soaked in a candle nut oil, minimal for 40 days. These threads may also be soaked for more than a year because the thread would have a better quality when it is soaked longer, the candle nut oil is also exchanged every 24-29 days. The soaked thread is then dyed with natural coloring. When all the threads are dyed with natural coloring, the weaving process starts, it would take about one week for a small piece and about 2 months for a larger size.

Gringsing woven clotgringsingh is different than any other woven cloth, the color gets stronger as it gets older due to the natural process.Visitors who visit the Tenganan Village can see the process of making this Gringsing woven cloth directly. The price for a Gringsing cloth is not cheap, one piece of small sized Gringsing cloth is priced about Rp. 1 million and the large sized cloth is priced between Rp. 5 million to Rp. 30 million. Even the price is high, many tourist are interested to purchase this unique woven cloth.


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