The Unique Things of Ponjok Batu Temple That You Must Visit

pura-ponjok-batu2Ponjok Batu Temple is a place to praying for Hindus, it is located at Julah Village, Tejakula Subdistrict, Singaraja or about 4 hours from Ngurah Rai International Airport. It is a beautiful Temple in Singaraja, but just few people who know this temple.

pura-ponjok-batuGo to the main area of this Temple, you can pass the big stairs. At the main area, you can see the beautiful of Balinese art from the temple building, and the big trees make this temple be more beautiful. If you are lucky you can discover Balinese people who held a ceremony at this temple, and when they held a ceremony there are Balinese Traditional Dance performance.

The unique things of this temple there is a rock statue that shaped like a small boat, it is situated on the seafront of Ponjok Batu Temple. This statue is very purified, if you want to see clearly you must go to the beach at front of the temple.

pura-ponjok-batu (1)At this black sand beach, there are springs that appear from the black sands. Balinese people are usually purifying their body at this spring, it is called ‘Melukat’. You can also drink the water from this spring, but if you are agreed by ‘Jero Mangku’ at the temple.

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It is recommended place to visit when you got holidays in Bali, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agent. I believe your trip will be awesome and great experience.


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