Buyan Lake Campground | Camping with Beautiful Panorama

Buyan Lake is a suitable spot for camping in Bali, with beautiful lake view and rural atmosphere. Located at Pancasari Village, Singaraja, it is about 2 hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport, or just 1 kilometer from Beratan Lake.

1440939224950It is the famous spot for camping in Bali, because when I arrived at this spot, there are many people build their tent. Arriving at this spot at 4 pm, we were directly built a tent, prepare the equipment that we need at the night, we want it complete before sunset, because Buyan Lake Campground not just has a beautiful lake view, but it is has amazing sunset view.

_MG_0798You can do many activities at this spot when you are camping, such as fishing, playing football, or just singing together with your friend, but everything that you do at this spot, please don’t litter, because Buyan Lake must be clean, so Buyan Lake can still be a beautiful spot for camping.

We played card game while waiting for the midnight. It is a very exciting game, because this game has a unique punishment. Everyone who are lose on this game must smeared baby powder on their face, it is not make us looks like a baby, it is make us look more sinister.

IMG_0840We burned corns over the campfire at 11 pm, because we were feels hungry. Although roasted corn is a simple food, it is be a special food for me, because it is eaten at a beautiful spot. Our foods are not special, just roasted corns, fried noodles, some fishes that we got when we were fishing, and ‘Rujak’, the spicy Balinese food. But it is not about the foods, it is about the atmosphere that can I get at Buyan Lake Campground.

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It is recommended spot for camping in Bali when you got holidays, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agent. I believe your trip will be awesome and great experience.


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