One of Secret Beach in Paradise Island You Never Visit

14672518050_4a8be2148d_bIf you need quite beach in Bali, you must visit Green Bowl Beach. It located in Ungasan and it is near from Pandawa Beach. The name of Green Bowl was taken from the corals that are grown by sea grass. It’s looked like Green Bowl when the sea was receding.
Local people usually call this beach with Bali Cliff Beach because on the top of this beach you can find hotel. The name of that hotel is Bali Cliff Hotel. Some time Green Bowl is called by Hidden Beach from Ungasan. You can enjoy white clean sand, blue sea water, and natural panorama. It can be place for surfing because you will find big wave.
green-bowl-1Not many visitor come this beach and visitor don’t know how to get there. Beside of that, you must pass more than 300 stairs and so far to get this beach from the parking area. I suggest you to bring so food or drink because in this beach you won’t find food & drink stall. It needs more struggles to this beautiful beach but your struggle will paid by this amazing cliff.

More photos;


bowl5-res 5 green-bowl4
It is recommended place to visit in Paradise Island when you get holiday, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and unforgettable experience.


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