5 Hidden Beaches Offer Awesome Sunset You Must Visit

Everybody knows Bali, the best tourist destination in the world. Bali offers the beautiful beaches, amazing panorama, and unique cultures. But if you often come to Bali, maybe you need something “new “in your experience. Do you know there are many hidden beaches offering the amazing sunset located in secret places in this beautiful island? The following 5 hidden beaches offering sunset in Bali that you never know when traveling to this island of God:

1. Tegalwangi Beach

Tegalwangi Beach located in Jimbaran, You will take 30 minutes from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport. The name of this beach was taken from the temple that located in top of this beach. You must pass stairs made from coral and its very safety. This beach has white clean sand and blue sea water and it also has beautiful view. I suggest you to visit this beach in the afternoon. We can see beautiful sunset and nobody will disturb you because not many people know this beach. Beside of that, this place usually use for taking picture of pre wedding.

2. Green Bowl/ Bali Cliff Beach

Green Bowl Beach-Bali Cliff1
If you need quite beach in Bali, you must visit Green Bowl Beach. It located in Ungasan and it is near from Pandawa Beach. The name of Green Bowl was taken from the corals that are grown by sea grass. It’s looked like Green Bowl when the sea was receding. Local people usually call this beach with Bali Cliff Beach because on the top of this beach you can find hotel. The name of that hotel is Bali Cliff Hotel. Some time Green Bowl is called by Hidden Beach from Ungasan. You can enjoy white clean sand, amazing cliff and also romantic sunset.

3. Uug Beach (Broken Beach)


Pasih Uug (Broken Beach) is a unique beach located at Bunga Mekar Village, western part of Nusa Penida Island. The name of Pasih Uug (Broken Beach) not means it is broken. Although called like that, this beach can be a favorite spot to see how beauty this Island of Paradise. It is a unique beach that you can’t find in other places, there are beautiful cliffs, sunset view and if you are lucky, you can discover many stingrays and sea turtles from this beach.

4. Pengerangoan / Yeh leh Beach

pantai yeh leh
Pengeragoan Beach is not famous like Kuta, Jimbaran, or Lovina Beach, but it is has beautiful panorama and uniques view. This Beach has black sand with big wave and surrounding by many trees and the best place to refresh your mind. This beach located at Pengeragoan Village, Jembrana Regency about 3 hour from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport. You can do many activities at this beach like relaxing, swimming, eating food on the beach, fishing, enjoying the sunset, and many more.

5. Padang-Padang Beach

Padang-Padang Beach located at Ungasan Village, or about 30 minutes from I Gusti Ngurah Rai. This beach has white sand and beautiful cliff. You will pass a small cave from cliff and after passing the cave you will see blue sea and amazing panorama. Beside of that, Padang-Padang Beach also offer awesome sunset.

It is recommended place to visit in Paradise Island when you get holiday, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and unforgettable experience

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