Exploring The Bali Starling Conservation on Nusa Penida Island

Nusa Penida is another amazing island which offers many awesome activities or amazing panorama of view. As known, Nusa Penida has sacred Dalam Ped Temple, amazing Atuh Beach, Unique Seaweed Cultivation, and many more. Beside of that, it has unique place of Bali Starling.


There is a unique community protected, three-island sanctuary off Bali, provides a haven for the IUCN listed Critically endangered Bali starling and other endangered native birds. Indonesia has the second highest number of threatened bird species in the world. This emblem bird of Bali is on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species currently listed as Critically-endangered, and is now the second rarest bird in the world.

Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF) established the sanctuary on the Nusa Penida group of islands Penida, Lembongan & Ceningan with cooperation of local communities to save the Bali starling (Leucopsar rothschildi) poached to the brink of extinction in the wild by decades of global trafficking.
Most beautiful of the mynah family, the Bali starling is endemic to the Indonesian island of Bali and native of lowland, tropical forests. The Bali starling pure white with sky-blue mask around both eyes, and a yellow bill has a lifespan up to five years in the wild or up to fifteen years in captivity. The Bali starling lays turquoise eggs and hatches up to four chicks in a season.

Today, the Bali Bird Sanctuary which covers the Nusa Penida islands group is home now to over 100 Bali starlings, successfully increasing the wild population from fewer than 10 surviving birds when the FNPF bird conservation project began in 2006.
In cooperation with the three-island group’s 46 villages to enforce traditional laws that govern daily life, the Bali starling and other native birds are now protected from poachers and wildlife traders. All villages within Bali Bird Sanctuary display signs declaring involvement in the conservation project.

At FNPF’s Bali starling conservation program, specialist Bird Keeper staff are breeding the Bali starling for wild release, also rehabilitation and release of other ex-captive endemic bird species including Java sparrows and Lesser sulphur-crested cockatoos and is a halfway house for confiscated birds from elsewhere in Indonesia, in care until safe to return to their natural habitats.

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