Getting the Unforgettable Experience with Elephant Riding

Everybody knows Bali, the best tourist destination in the world. Bali offers the beautiful beaches, amazing panorama, unique cultures, delicious traditional food and many more. But if you often visit to Bali, maybe you need something “new “in your experience. You must try to ride the elephant.

If you want to become friends with a great Sumatran elephant, you must try to ride the elephant. You get to experience the beautiful landscape of our camp as well as venturing out for a trek along the edge of the valley. The views are incredible, so bring your camera! You may also get to see monkeys and tropical birds in their natural habitat. Bali has many elephant riding providers.

Look down at the raging Ayung River and discover how much fun riding an elephant can be. The elephant will also show you his/her pool as he wades through the water to cool off from the hot sun. Pass through unworldly beauty natural rice paddies, quaint Balinese villages, temples and local markets. The tour will be more than 15 minutes.

The elephants come from Sumatra, and as part of the provider efforts to conserve this magnificent species, the provider would like you to learn more about them, go trekking and experience life with the incredible elephants. By riding the elephants you help the provider help other elephants in Sumatra by providing funds for food and land to make sure their homes remain protected.

You will get the best unforgettable experience with sit on the back of elephant. The professional guide or elephant tamer will guide you and handle the condition. The elephant look so tame and healthy. The guide will give you the explanation about the tour or the journey. Beside of that you can feed the elephant and take picture with it.

It is recommended activity to try when you get holiday in the Amazing Island, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and get unforgettable experience.

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