Fell the Unique Sensation with Riding Segway in GWK

Everybody knows Bali, the best tourist destination in the world. Bali offers the beautiful beaches, amazing panorama, and unique cultures. But if you often come to Bali, maybe you need something “new “in your experience. Have you ever heard and tried riding a Segway? Bali is currently providing the facility to ride a Segway, at one of famous tourist spots in Bali, which is located at Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park.3
Segway is a motor vehicle that has two wheels, using the power of the Li-ion battery that can be recharged. If the battery is fully charged, the Segway can travel a distance of 39 at maximum speed of 20 km / h. Segway designation for this wheeled vehicles is derived from the word of “segue” which means a smooth transition.

At one of tourist attraction in the southern Bali, GWK Bali has an area of 240 hectares, to get around the area, pedestrians would be exhausted. For those of you who do not like walking, Segway facility is the best choice that you can do. Segway fun ride, it is suitable for beginners or for your first time riding. The duration of rent a Segway is 10 minutes. During the duration, you can surround the area of Lotus Found GWK Bali.

There are two choices to ride a Segway at GWK Bali. The first one is Segway Fun Ride with requirements such as the minimum height that allowed to ride a Segway GWK Bali is 110cm with minimum age which is 6 years old. For 6-10 years old kids should be monitored by their parents. The price of Segway Fun Ride is Rp.50.000,- /person. The second one is Adventure Ride Segway for you who want to ride a Segway more than 10 minutes to surround GWK Bali area. The price is Rp.100.000,- / person with 20 minutes durations. Minimum age that allowed for Adveture Ride Segway is 15 years old.

It is recommended activities to try in Paradise Island when you get holiday, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and unforgettable experience

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