Trying the Sensation of Balinese Fruit Salads

When say Kuta Beach, Besakih Temple or Ubud you will remember Bali. Those are the Balinese amazing place which offer many unique things. If we only explore the tourism object and don’t try the local food might be your holiday was bored.  Bali has many delicious foods, but rujak is the delicious one. Rujak is similar like fruit salad but the seasoning was different.  Bali has 5 kind of rujak, those are;

  1. Rujak Bulung

4Bulung is taken from Balinese Language, it means “sea weed”. Usually, this food is completed by kuah pindang (Balinese sause was made from boiled tuna). The process to make bulung is easy, you must clean the sea weed, and the sauce made from kuah pindang, grated coconut, grated galangal, shrimp paste and fried peanut. Coconut and galangal burned till the nice smell come out and grated. After that, combine the sea weed, the spices and kuah pindang, don’t add too much salt, because kuah pindang is salty. If you love spicy, you can add some chill.

  1. Rujak Kuah Pindang

1Rujak Kuah Pindang is different than other rujak. Kuah pindang mean fish stock in Balinese language and it is the basic ingredients of this Rujak. First, you must pulverize the shrimp paste, brown sugar, salt and chili, after that add kuah pindang and the fruit. For the fruit, sometimes used the mango or kedondong (arma fruit) and this fruit make this rujak is sourness. Beside contain sourness, this rujak also has savory taste.

  1. Rujak Tibah

5Rujak Tibah is the other authentic rujak that Bali has. Tibah is noni fruit and it is the basic material to make this rujak. You must use noni fruit is half baked and if it is too much baked, the taste will not delicious. The seasoning of this rujak is brown sugar, tamarind, salt and chili. This fruit is very healthy and contain many vitamins. If you want to make it your house, you must peel and wash it and cut into small size. After that, add the seasoning and stir well. Let’s enjoy the unique taste.

4. Rujak Bancih

3Rujak Bancah is similar like salad, the seasoning made from brown sugar, tamarind, salt, shrimp paste, and chili. For the fruit, this rujak usually use mango, snake fruit, papaya, pineapple, rose apple, bengkuang, cucumber, star fruit and many more. The taste is fresh and delicious. You will enjoy Balinese tropical fruit in this rujak. It’s very easy to find this rujak, because many food stall sell this rujak.

  1. Rujak Cuka

2The basic material of Rujak Cuka is vinegar. This vinegar usually made from the fermentation of Tuak “Balinese Wine”. Beside vinegar, this rujak use shrimp paste, salt, brown sugar and chili. For the fruit, this rujak usually use mango, papaya, pineapple, rose apple, bengkuang, and cucumber. This rujak has unique taste between sweet, acid and spicy.

It is recommended food to eat in Bali when you got holidays in Island of Paradise. I believe you will get unforgettable experience. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s try the Balinese savory food.

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