Have You Ever Bought The Balinese Unique Souvenirs?

Bali has become the most popular tourist destinations among the tourists, both domestic and international. Of course, because besides famous with its beautiful nature, Bali is also so rich with cultural heritage which is very strong. Also the typical foods and souvenirs can you found in this beautiful island. Before go back to your home, it is not complete without buy and bring souvenirs from Bali. For those of you who are having holiday in Bali, these are the 5 typical souvenirs from Bali.

1. Pia Legong

Pia Legong become the next souvenirs that you have to buy while you go to Bali. But to be able to buy Pia Legong, you must be willing to take a long queue. Because the typical flavor and made without any machines or handmade, Pia Legong which is available in 3 flavors really attract the tourist to buy this. But to ensure the availability of Pia Legong, you can make reservations by phone first.

2. Pie Susu

Who does not like Bali Milk Pie or the one that famous as Pie Susu? A mix of a savory dough and sweet milk fla, makes everyone so hard to stop eating. Bali milk pie also have various flavor, starts from the original flavor, cheese flavor, also with various additional topping options. But if you want to taste the real milk pie, you can choose the original flavor with milk fla. You can buy Bali Milk Pie on various souvenir shops in Bali.

3. Balinese Handicrafts

Aside of famous with its strong culture, Balinese is also famous with their high creativity. So it is only a waste of time if you do not bring Balinese handicrafts when you leave this island. There are various handicrafts that can be purchased at almost all places in Bali, starts from small handicrafts such as bracelets and necklaces, until the big size handicraft such as painting and sculpture.

4. Kintamani Coffee

For those of you who are a fan of coffee, you should taste the Balinese coffee with special taste that comes from Kintamani. Coffee with a distinctive taste is made with very traditional process. Well, if you want to see this coffee plantation and also the process of coffee making directly, you can come to Kintamani, the main area of coffee production in Bali.

5. Kacang Disco

One more snacks that you have to buy while go to Bali, Kacang Disco! Peanuts that wrapped in seasoned flour and crispy is a must for you to taste. Once you taste it, it is really difficult to stop chewing. Kacang Disco is available in various flavor. Do you know, why is it called Kacang Disco? It is because the deliciousness of the peanuts, can make people who eat this peanut feel excited until they want to do the disco or let say because people really excited with the taste.

It is recommended souvenir to buy when you get holiday in the Paradise Island, where you just book your trip through a reliable travel agency. I believe your trip will be awesome and get unforgettable experience.

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